Ilya Zverev

Hello! I'm an open source developer with a passion for geospatial. I know everything about OpenStreetMap and open licenses, my github is bursting with repos, and I helped leverage geodata in many products you know, including Maps.Me and Lyft.

I am looking for a job or a project. The best one would be something in geospatial R&D, that affects a product people use. I love making things nobody has done (or even considered possible) before. See my OSM conflation tools, subway schema in OSM, Every Door, JOSM plugins, and everything else on my github or I plan products and APIs a lot, both for my job and privately.

Some of the projects I did in the open.

And for companies, I can help leverage crowdmapping or OSM data in a way they haven't thought before. Make work more productive and the data richer. I know all the usual: PostGIS, GDAL, Python, Presto, Flutter, and everything else. I make desktop, web, and mobile software, and do geo-analytics. I strive to learn. Bonus points if conferences are covered: I love to speak publicly.

Some of the talks that show how I think.

I'm always open for chat. Email me, or use any other contact method from the main page. Here's my LinkedIn. Looking for remote or partly on-premises: I would love to work in the same room with a team, but don't want to move. We can meet in Estonia or Helsinki, or at a carthographic conference.